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18312,  Replica Bugatti Veyron

$ 85,000
I am game to trade for anything. I will take boat in any country preferably something about 45ft. I am not huge on land but house or business etc any country except US unless near water. Bring all offers, I am always interested in making a good trade. I am open to real estate as well so will be putting up some offers on that as well. I have local property in US to cross trade. Let's make it interesting.
We used 2002 Mercury Cougar V6-Turbo Duratech engine block to build the motor. 5spd trans The engine was bored out and modified I can tell you its over 300 hp. The shop that did the work said with a few more modes it could get up to 500 hp. The engineering is very popular work horse and can me worked on inexpensively. The sound of the engine at turbo shop link: https://youtu.be/Rh5mfBVLvXQ The sub-frame is tube construction steel roll cage covered in carbon fiber and fiberglass. The vehicle was built by a professional movie car builder. He has done work on Fast Furious and Batman. This is a limited built vehicle from a mold that is no longer available. Look close at the same vehicle in Fast and Furious. It's the mirror image. The vehicle is two-tone Pearl white and White. The interior is tan leather, black suede, and crabon-fiber. Many of the parts are from the original Bugatti vehicle (lights, emblems, trim etc). Parts will never be a problem electrical system is standard Chevrolet harness and the engine and trans parts are widely still in productions. The engine compartment can accommodate a V8 complete custom built engine. The car comes completely done ready to drive. The vehicle suspension is full performance and adjustable from your Andoid or iPhone. It has presets and is also programmable. Parking sensors and rear view cameras linked to mirror display. Auto door locks, push button start, Bluetooth etc.. Call 304 Eight Five Three, 1117. The vehilce is getting it's finally touches and corrections to make it perfect. If you're really interested call me 13048531117, in US.
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